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Lactating Dairy Goat (12% protein)

Combining nutrients from local bush, high protein forages and maize, this feed is designed to promote milk production while maintaining body condition. Balancing dietary recommendations for dairy goat breeds, this palatable high-fiber pellet includes fat and protein levels known to support milk production, as well as additives that bind potential toxins for improved fermentation and digestive health. Can be fed ad libitum as an exclusive diet or offered alongside quality forages. This diet was developed in collaboration with BosPro Products and Ellen S. Dierenfeld, PhD, noted comparative animal nutritionist.

Ingredients: Invading bush species, Cowpea hay, Maize, Lucerne, Cottonseed cake, Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, Molasses, Biochar, Phosphorus, Salt, Tannin binder, Trace mineral/vitamin premix, Sulfur.