Equine Feeds

Your horse, grazer or browser?

The answer is “Mixed Feeder”, because in the evolution of the Horse 55 million years ago, studies of fossils showed that the equine species were characterized by browsing species. The last 20 million years were characterized by either primarily grazing or browsing species so called mixed feeders. Feeding studies of today (from horses like the Brumbies in Australia) still show both grazing and browsing behavior.

Why use acacia (invader bush) fiber?

The Acacia belongs to the group of Tree Legumes or so called “forage – trees”. A good quality fiber (50%) is essential in your horse’s diet. It also addresses the physiological aspects unique to horses and therefore provides dental health, prevents peptic ulcers as well as dehydration accompanying sweat loss. We often forget that many horses originated from a semi-arid habitat where bushes and shrubs were their main source of nutrition! Unlike grasses and grains which have relatively short root systems, the Acacia species have an elaborate and long root system allowing the Acacia to extract untapped minerals and trace elements for ingestion thru feeds which use the Acacia as it’s base.


Acacia has a higher protein value than that of many grasses. An average full grown horse (excluding pregnant, lactating, very old, etc.) cannot digest more than 8-10% protein. Ref. Veterinary Manual for the Performance Horse. Nancy L. Loving, DVM

A rich source of prebiotics

Acacia is a rich source of natural prebiotics. In short Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that nourish the good bacteria already existing in the digestive tract of your horse. Prebiotics are the “fertilizer” for this good bacteria, helping them to grow, thereby improving the positive ratio of good-to-bad bacteria. It should be noted that this ratio has been shown to have a direct correlation to the general health, overall well-being and condition of your horse. When Prebiotics are consumed/ingested on a daily basis, there is a marked reduction in anxiety, depression and stress. Prebiotics, unlike Probiotics are not destroyed by heat, acidity or bacteria. Getting the full benefits of Prebiotics is simple, especially when they are consumed in a well balanced feed such as found in BOSPRO’S EQUINE MASTER HORSE PELLETS. The Acacia bush is a rich source of natural Prebiotics.

Biochar (Charcoal)

The use of Biochar in animal feed has been quite common in Europe for over 100 years. When you have an upset tummy, what do you use? Of course, you use charcoal tablets for not only human use but for animal health as well. While Biochar has no medicinal properties since it is completely inert and indigestible; it is not a medicine and simply acts to bind toxins to itself and pass them out of your horses system. That is the really good news and this process leads to the improvement and overall health of your horse. BOSPRO’S HORSE PELLETS contain Biochar in the correct amounts to aid your horse’s immune system.

Feeding Instructions

As always when starting with a new feed, one must do so gradually over a 6-10 day period. Mix small amounts of Bospro Horse pellets with your normal feed until your horse has accepted its’ new feed.

Bospro Supplements

BOSPRO Digestive Aid


INGREDIENTS: Prebiotic fibers and Biochar, Omega 3 & Omega 6 essential oils, salt, Bentonite, sulfer and Lucerne. Prebiotics are very effective digestive aids for the horse. The horse has a unique digestive tract with a hindgut “fermentation vat” known as the cecum. It is within the cecum that microbial organisms digest fiber from the forage component of a horses feed. Prebiotics provide nutrients to the microbial organisms in the cecum, thus allowing for optimal digestion and feed efficiency. Digestive disturbances such as diarrhea, colic and even laminitis, are observed if the microbial population of the cecum is disrupted by stress, excessive carbohydrates or most importantly a lack of fiber. Prebiotics as found in the Acacia species of bush, form an integral component for all BOSPRO PRODUCTS in promoting the enhancement of the beneficial digestive organisms while the Biochar aids in the elimination of harmful bacteria within that same digestive system.

15 kg

An all-natural supplement designed to rid your animals of most internal parasites and to improve their immune system against mycotoxins. Ingredients: Biochar, prebiotic fibers, omega 3 and omega 6 essential oils, salt, molasses, Peltophorun Africanum fibers and Diatomaceous earth. Suggested feeding instructions: mix 1/2 kg per animal with the normal rations for two weeks and then rest for 4 weeks and then feed 1/2 kg daily for an additional two weeks. Repeat every six months for best results.

Ingredients: crushed oats, lucerne, sucrose, acacia fiber, molasses, citrus flavor. Reward your horse with a sweet and healthy treat!

Available Equine Feeds:



A well balanced feed for maintaining condition during hard times. Can be fed as a complete feed when there is little grazing or when no hay is available. A perfect feed for your non-working or retired horse.



A well balanced feed for maintaining condition during light to medium work. Can be fed as a complete feed when little or no hay is available. The right feed for use during training and light competition. Recommend small amounts of Lucerne or a good quality hay as a supplement when feeding only Working Horse feed.



A well balanced feed for maintaining condition during intensive training and mid-level competition . Can be fed as a complete feed when little or no grazing is available. Recommend a good quality hay fed ad lib, with little or no Lucerne when feeding only Performance Horse feed.