Herbivore Feed

Why use the acacia species?

The Acacia belongs to the group of Tree Legumes or so called “forage – trees”. A good quality fiber is essential in your herbivore’s diet. It also addresses dental health, prevents peptic ulcers as well as many colic symptoms. We often forget that many herbivores originated from a semi-arid habitat where bushes and shrubs were their main source of nutrition! Unlike grasses and grains which have relatively short root systems, the Acacia species have an elaborate and long root system allowing the Acacia to extract untapped minerals and trace elements for ingestion thru feeds which use the Acacia as its base. Plus the Acacia species have a higher protein value than that of many grasses and/or grains.

A rich source of prebiotics

In short Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that nourish the good bacteria already existing in the digestive tract of your herbivore. Prebiotics are the “fertilizer” for this good bacteria, helping them to grow, thereby improving the positive ration of good-to-bad bacteria. It should be noted that this ratio has been shown to have a direct correlation to the general health, overall well-being and condition of your herbivore. When Prebiotics are consumed/ingested on a daily basis, there is a marked reduction in anxiety, depression and stress. Prebiotics, unlike Probiotics are not destroyed by heat, acidity or bacteria. Getting the full benefits of Prebiotics is simple, especially when they are consumed in a well-balanced feed such as found in BOSPRO’S HERBIVORE PELLETS.

The Acacia species are a rich source of prebiotics.


At BosPro Products we are committed to helping you in reducing your feed costs and in producing a more balanced nutritious diet for your herbivores.

biochar (Charcoal)

The use of Biochar in animal feed has been quite common in Europe for over 100 years. When you have an upset tummy, what do you use? Of course you use charcoal tablets for not only human use but for animal health as well. While Biochar has no medicinal properties since it is completely inert and indigestible; it is not a medicine and simply acts to bind toxins to itself and pass them out of your herbivore’s system. That is the really good news and this process leads to the improvement and overall health of your herbivore.

BOSPRO’S HERBIVORE PELLETS contain Biochar in the correct amounts to aid your herbivore’s immune system. The makeup of Biochar repels most nutrients which eliminates “throwing out the good with the bad”.

Worm away

Ask about BOSPRO “WORM AWAY”. A natural dewormer made from indigenous Namibian plants.


As always when starting with a new feed, one must do so gradually over a 6-10 day period. Mix small amounts of Bospro HERBIVORE Pellets with your normal feed until your herbivore has accepted its’ new feed.

White Rhino Dry Season Supplement (9% protein)

40kg $250 plus VAT

Combining nutrients from local bush, high protein forages and grass-based ingredients, this feed is designed to maintain body condition during periods with minimal available grazing. Balancing published dietary recommendations for rhino species, this palatable high-fiber, moderately digestible low starch pellet includes additives that bind potential toxins to support gut microbes and digestive health. Can be fed as an exclusive diet (~2% body weight). This diet was developed in collaboration with BosPro Products and Ellen S. Dierenfeld, PhD, noted comparative animal nutritionist.

Ingredients: Invading bush species, Cowpea hay, Maize stover, Maize, Lucerne, Cottonseed cake, Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, Molasses, Biochar, Salt, Phosphorus, Tannin binder, Trace mineral and vitamin premix, Sulfur